Out of four double room one double room is operates for guests rest 3 double rooms opening shortly

100% Rich Classical Odia Foods – Dinning & Entertainments

: A “Khanjaghar” or a traditional large dinning hall is well furnished with wooden furniture welcome our guests and try to fulfill the mouth watering delicious food and feel the test of odisha.

: Dinners are served either in dinning hall or out side of the garden with bonfire accompanying with entertainment on demand.

:We try to serve classical odia food (pure organic) along with western cuisine .

Classical Odia Traditional Food offer to guest
Odia Traditional Classical Food offering to guest

:Food is made of fresh local organic vegetable and for non- veg. (we use local fresh fish / Sea Fish / prawn/ Chicken/ Mutton/ Egg)

Guest enjoying traditional Odia food
Guest enjoying traditional Odia food

:We can offer our guest clay pot chicken or mutton / Bamboo chicken on demand during dinner

: We invite our guest for cooking class also ..

: Though it is free plastic zone – for drinking water we offer our guest electronic double filter water by clay or cupper pot / we have electronic water purified machine .

: We serve food to our guest clean banana leaf / sal plan leaf / clean utensil on hygienic point of view.

: Entertainment is provided by a renowned group of Gotipua dancer with real musical instruments by gurus (masters) and traditional costume