Out of four double room TWO double room is operates for guests rest 2 double rooms opening shortly


we hope and wish your family , your friends and your relatives are well with good health,  as we all confronted by the threat of covid-19.



 Our village home stay retreat Selanidingo have always marked the highest emphasis on the safety of our guests with standard of  hygiene and cleanliness.

With the risks associated with COVID 19, and in keeping with world Health Organization and Ministry of Tourism guidelines, we have used a number of additional measures.

All touch points in dinning hall, lobby and guests rooms  like table tops, railings, door handles, electric switches, bathroom fittings etc are cleaned continuously using a disinfectant / sanitizer by housekeeping team.

Mask and disposable gloves are being worn by all team members at all times and changed frequently .

For safety of our guests, rooms sanitized after guests check out.

Our Dinning hall have been reconfigured to ensure safe distances are maintained between guests. Also the same protocols are used during  food service, kithens of  our staff maintain the same too.


All supplies and materials are sanitized before being admitted into our home stay  premises.

If any of the parameters for our guests or colleagues are not normal, a medical examination and medical assistance are provided immediately.


We declare none of our team members testing positive for COVID-19.